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Parental Discretion - Mature

  Title Distributor Content Description
American Streetfighter Evergreen Entertainment Language/Violence
Babies Trinity Home Ent. Implied Sex
Bay Cove Evergreen Entertainment Violence
Bittersweet Revenge Trinity Home Entertainment Violence, Sexual Innuendos
Blind Witness Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Implied Sex
Blood Brothers Trinity Home Ent. Substance Abuse/Extreme Violence
Bloodthirst:Legend of the Chupacabras Aztec Home Entertainment Language/Violence
Bonds of Love Evergreen Entertainment Mature Themes, Implied Sex
Brothahood, Tha Urban Domain Home Ent. Strong Language/Violence/Drug Use
Brutal Glory** Quest Language / Extreme Violence
Cassanova** Turner Home Entertainment Nudity / Sexual Situations
Chinatown Murders** Vidmark Language / Nudity / Violence
Close And Closer Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Implied Sex
D.A.R.K.R.O.O.M.** Quest Language / Nudity
Dancing In The Dark Trinity Home Ent. Substance Abuse/Implied Sex
David's Mother Evergreen Entertainment Language/Sex Talk
David's Mother Evergreen Entertainment Language/Sex Talk
Deadly Innocents** Quest Violence / Sex / Nudity
Deadly Look of Love, The Evergreen Entertainment Violence,implied Sex
Dream Trap (theatrical)** Quest Extreme Language / Nudity
Due East Showtime Networks, Inc. Violence
Escape** Quest Language / Violence / Nudity
False Arrest** Turner Home Entertainment Nudity / Violence
Fighter, The Trinity Home Ent. Extreme Violence
Grand Isle** Turner Home Entertainment Nudity / Sensual Scene
Hit And Run Evergreen Entertainment mature themes/sexual innuendos
Hush Little Baby Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Implied Sex
Iran, Days of Crisis** Turner Home Entertainment Language / Violence
Just A Dream Showtime Networks, Inc. Sex/Violence/Language
Kiss So Deadly, A Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Implied Sex
Lady Mobster** Turner Home Entertainment Violence
Laser Mission** Turner Home Entertainment Language / Extreme Violence
Man Against The Mob Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Brief Nudity
Mike Hammer: Songbird Trinity Home Ent. Violence/Some Language
Night Owl Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Brief Nudity
Ninja Academy** Quest Violence / Extreme Nudity / Extreme Language
No One Could Protect Her Evergreen Entertainment Rape Violence/Mild Language
Orpheus Descending** Turner Home Entertainment Language / Nudity / Violence
Pocket Ninjas Trinity Home Ent. Extreme Violence
Rape of Richard Beck, The Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Mature Subject Matter
Saltmarsh Magic Hour Productions Language / Alcohol
Scanners II: The New Order** Republic Extreme Violence
Shadow Force** Imperial Entertainment Language / Nude Sex Scene / Violence
Shadow of the Tiger Ascent Media Some Language/Violence
Snow In August Showtime Networks, Inc. Implied Sex
Sparks Trinity Home Entertainment Implied Sex
Storm And Sorrow Evergreen Entertainment Language
Street of Dreams Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Mild Language/Sexual Innuendos
The Dance Goes On** Fox / Lorber / Monarch Language
The Devil's Arithmetic Showtime Networks, Inc. Graphic Violence
The Spring** Quest Extreme Language / Violence / Sex / Nudity
They Call Me Sirr Showtime Networks, Inc. Some Strong Language and Violence
Trade Secrets** Triboro Language / Nudity / Sexual Situations
Victim of Beauty Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Implied Sex
Walter & Henry Showtime Networks, Inc. Strong Language/Mature Themes
Web of Deception Evergreen Entertainment Mature Subject Matter
Welcome To Hollywood Evergreen Entertainment Some Strong Language
Zero Tolerance Evergreen Entertainment Strong Language And Violence/Substance Abuse

There are 58 titles in this category.
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* Original rating M = Mature - now replaced by PD.
** Original rating VM =Very Mature - now replaced by PD-M.