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  Title Distributor Content Description
A Storm In Summer Showtime Networks, Inc.
Backfield in Motion Turner Home Entertainment
Big and Hairy Showtime Networks
Big Foot Evergreen Entertainment
Breakout Monarch Home Video Martial Arts / Slapstick Violence
By Dawn's Early Light Showtime Networks, Inc.
* Christmas in Connecticut Turner Home Entertainment
D'Myna Leagues: Psych-out Smooth Pictures Entertainment
D'Myna Leagues: Mungomania Smooth Pictures Entertainment
D'Myna Leagues: On The Road Smooth Pictures Entertainment
D'Myna Leagues: The Golden Boy Smooth Pictures Entertainment
Earth Minus Zero Evergreen Entertainment
Escape From Wildcat Canyon Showtime Networks, Inc.
Finding Buck Mchenry Showtime Networks, Inc.
Frankie and Hazel Showtime Networks, Inc.
Goddess of Love Evergreen Entertainment
Grizzly Adams Quest
High School USA Evergreen Entertainment
I Was A Teenage Faust Showtime Networks, Inc.
Lambada...Me: Step by Step EPS Video
Little Big Foot 2 Evergreen Entertainment
Mermaid Showtime Networks, Inc.
Miss All American Beauty Evergreen Entertainment
Mr. Music Showtime Networks, Inc.
My Louisiana Sky Showtime Networks, Inc. Some Intense Scenes
My Uncle The Alien Evergreen Entertainment Some Mild Language
Off Season Showtime Networks, Inc.
Out Of Time Showtime Networks, Inc.
Possums Monarch Home VIdeo
Ratz Showtime Networks, Inc.
Red Sneakers Showtime Networks, Inc.
Restless Spirits Showtime Networks
Robot in the Family (re-edited) A-Pix Entertainment
Sandy Bottom Orchestra, The Showtime Networks, Inc.
Sea People Showtime Networks
The Challengers Triboro
The Joy of Color GNF Enterprises
The Portrait Turner Home Entertainment
The Princess And The Barrio Boy Showtime Networks, Inc.
* The Sweetest Gift Showtime Networks Mild Language / Innuendo
* Time at the Top Showtime Networks
Treasure Island Turner Home Entertainment
Treasure Island Trinity Home Entertainment Some Intense Scenes
Undercover Angel Evergreen Entertainment

There are 44 titles in this category.
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* Original rating M = Mature - now replaced by PD.
** Original rating VM =Very Mature - now replaced by PD-M.