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Extremely Mature

  Title Distributor Content Description
5150 Silver Nitrate Entertainment Graphic Violence,Strong Language,Substance Abuse
Amor Bandido Fox / Lorber Explicit Sex / Extreme Nudity
Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires Metropolis Home Ent. Erotica/Full Frontal Female Nudity/Implied Sex/Sexual Talk
Another Pair of Aces Vidmark Explicit Sex / Extreme Nudity / Language / Violence
Beyond Fear Monarch Extreme Violence / Strong Language
Bliss Season Two 7 Stories MTI Home Video Mild Language, Nudity, Sex Scenes
Blood Money Evergreen Entertainment Strong Language and Violence,Nudity,Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse
Body Puzzle Triboro Extreme Violence / Language / Sexual Situations
Bounty Huntress 3 Metropolis Home Ent. Full Female Frontal Nudity/Implied Sex/Female Masturbation
Broken Trust Cinevest Entertainment Nudity / Sex / Violence
Bums Fox / Lorber / Monarch Nudity / Sex / Strong Language / Substance Abuse
Cadillac GIrls Monarch Home Video Sex / Language
Calendar Girl Murders Trinity Home Entertainment Violence, Sexual Talk, Implied Sex, Sexual Innuendos
Chill Factor Quest Extreme Language / Extreme Violence / Nudity
Compadres Urban Domain Home Ent. Violence/Some Language
Contra Conspiracy City Lights / Westport Extreme Language / Violence / Sex / Nudity / Substance Abuse
Dark Side of Genius Pacific Shore Media Nudity / Sex / Strong Languge / Implied Violence
Dark Universe Prism Language / Nudity / Violence
Dead Alive Vidmark / Trimark Language / Gory Violence
Death Match Monarch Home Video Extreme Violence / Language / Nudity / Sex
Death Ride To Osaka Evergreen Entertainment Violence/Nudity
Death Riders Monarch Home Video Extreme Language & Violence / Nudity / Drug Use
Deep In The Game Urban Domain Home Ent. Language/Violence/Implied Sex/Nudity
Dragon Fury Monarch Home Video Extreme Violence / Nudity / Sex
Duel of the Brave Ones Ascent Media Language/Nudity/Sex/Violence/Substance Abuse
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct - Heatwave Evergreen Ent. Implied Sex/Extreme Violence
Ed McBain's 87th Precint: Ice Evergreen Entertainment Extreme Violence
Emperor of the Bronx City Lights / Westport Extreme Language, Violence & Nudity / Explicit Sex
Extra Marital Evergreen Entertainment Erotica, Nudity, Sex, Violence, Language
Eyes of the Prey Atlantic Strong, Explicit Language & Violence / Rape / Substance Abuse
Fatal Revenge (theatrical) CInetrust Extreme Language & Violence / Explicit Sex / Nudity / Substance Abuse
Fatally Yours Monarch Home Video Strong Language / Violence / Nudity / Sex
Father's Revenge, A Evergreen Entertainment Violence
Final Equinox Monarch Home Video Extreme Violence / Language / Nudity / Sex
Firepower Evergreen Entertainment Graphic Violence,Language
Full Impact Evergreen Entertainment Language/Violence/Nudity
Future War Evergreen Entertainment Language/Violence/Implied Sex
Giant Steps Fox / Lorbe / Monarch Nudity / Sexual Talk / Strong Language / Substance Abuse
Guardian Angel Evergreen Entertainment Violence,Language,Drugs
Happy Hell Night Quest Extreme Language / Violence / Nudity
In The Eyes Of A Stranger Evergreen Entertainment Language/Violence/Implied Sex
Iron Thunder Sterling Ent./Trinity Home Ent. Language/Violence/Sex/Brief Nudity
Killers 2 Urban Domain Home Ent. Strong Language and Violence
Last Chance Showtime Networks, Inc. Language/Nudity/Sex
Last Man Standing Evergreen Entertainment Strong Langauge, Graphic Violence,Nudity,Sexual Situations
Latin Kingz Matador Ent. Language/Nudity/Sexual Situations/Violence/Drug Use
Latin Spring Break Matador Home Ent. Language/Nudity/Sex
Lessons For An Assassin Smooth Motion Pictures, Inc. Strong Language and Violence,Brief Nudity, Implied Sex,Substance Abuse
Living To Die Evergreen Entertainment Strong Langauge and Violence,Sexual Situations,Nudity,Substance Abuse
Luther the Geek Quest Extreme Language & Violence / Explicit Sex / Nudity
Naked Lies Evergreen Entertainment Extreme Violence/Nudity/Sex/Language
Natural Enemy Graphic Violence,Strong Language,Erotica,Nudity,Sexual Situations
Night Of The Wilding Evergreen Entertainment Language,Nudity,Sex,Violence
Night Shadow Quest Language / Extreme Violence
Nothing To Lose Evergreen Entertainment Language,Nudity,Sex,Violence
Now And Forever Evergreen Entertainment Language,Sexual Situations
Payback City Lights / WEstport Extreme Language & Violence / Explicit Sex / Nudity / Rape Scene
Phoenix Monarch Home Video Language / Nudity / Sex / Violence
Plan B Monarch Home Video Strong Language / Sexual Talk & Situations
Project Genesis Prism Strong Language / Brief Nudity
Pure Danger Evergreen Entertainment Strong Language And Violence
Rage Evergreen Entertainement Strong Violence and Language
Railway Station Man Turner Home Entertainment Extreme Nudity / Sex
Riot Evergreen Entertainment Strong Language, Graphic Violence
Sex, Secrets And Lies Saturn Home Ent. Erotica/Nudity/Explicit Sex/Language
Sinful Deeds 2 Spartan Home Ent. Erotica/Explicit Sex/Some Language/Nudity
Sinful Desires Saturn Home Ent. Nudity, Sexual Innuendos, Sexual Scenes
Snake Strikes Back Totem Pictures Language/Violence
Star Time Fox / Lorber / Monarch Language / Nudity / Violence / Sensuality
Straight Hustlin' Urban Domain Home Ent. Strong Language and Violence/Implied Sex/Erotics/Nudity/Sexual Talk
Streets of Rage Monarch Home Video MArtial Arts Violence / LAnguage / Nudity / Substance Abuse
Sweepers Evergreen Entertainment Graphic Violence,Strong Language,Substance Abuse,Nudity,Sexual Situations
The Last Supper MTI Home Video Mild Language, Violence
The Man With the Perfect Swing Monarch Home Video Strong Language
The Night Brings Charlie Quest Language / Nudity / Extreme Violence
The Prince Monarch Home Entertainment Extreme Language & Violence / Nudity / Substance Abuse
The Refrigerator Fox / Lorber / Monarch Graphic Violence / Nudity / Sex Scenes
The Stray Evergreen Entertainment Strong Language And Violence/Brief Nudity/Sexual Situations
Trained to Kill Monarch Home Video Brutality / Martial Arts Violence / Language / Nudity
Twin Sisters Vidmark Nudity / Sex / Violence
Ultimate Game, The Trinity Home Ent. Language/Violence/Implied Sex
Vampire Vixens from Venus Shanachie Entertainment Horror VIolence / Nudity / Sexuality / Strong Language
Veteranos Urban Domain Home Ent. Language/Violence
Whisper Kill Trinity Home Ent. Extreme Violence
Wrong Casa Urban Domain Home Ent. Strong Language/Some Violence

There are 85 titles in this category.
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* Original rating M = Mature - now replaced by PD.
** Original rating VM =Very Mature - now replaced by PD-M.