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June 03, 2011
The Pink Lady - Jackie Goldberg - Rockin’ With the Ages 3 Receives the Film Advisory Board, Award of Excellence

Breathtaking! Rockin’ With the Ages 3 is not only remarkable for its musical substance but for it’s unique ensemble of vibrant stars who are gifted seniors. The Musical takes place at the Le Club Roc where friends meet to have fun, sing and dance. Faced with foreclosure the friends plan a fundraising event. Now the rip-roaring fun begins. There is high-stepping, bodies twisting-turning, tap dancing, soul singing, swing tunes and sweet ballads that touch your heart. The comedic wit threaded throughout the musical is in a word…Delicious. Based upon a book written by Director Bill Reid and Musical Director Mark Rodriguez with Leslie Pereira assisting, Choreographer by Raquel Brussolo, Production Manager Arnold Arch, Stage Manager Karen Stegall and a team of artful stage professionals: Set Design & Props-Dove Huntley, Lighting Design-Martyn Bookwalter, Sound Design-Rob Corn, Costumes-Liz Perralta and Makeup/Assistant Costumer- Josie Carmona who showcased the stars: Pattie Brooks, Vernon Ellsworth, Carol & Douglas Halter, Phyllis Lovit, Marvin Meisler, Dominick Morra, Anna Pagan, Ivor Pyeres, Ruben Rabasa, Bobbi Stamm, Evelyn Stokes, Tom Weaver, Meg Wilson, Carol Woodbury and Guest Star Sue Smart. The band members: keyboard-Mark Rodriguez, Bass-Ma’ Ryia Mahome, Guitar-James Munoz, Drums-Leslie Pereira, Second Guitar-Rene Vander Tas, exemplify the magic that makes musicals cherished entertainment. On the final run of Rockin’ With the Ages 3 held at the Victory Theater in Burbank, Janet Stokes of the Film Advisory Board, awarded the Pink Lady-Jackie Goldberg, founder of Seniors Star Power Productions and executive producer of Rockin’ With the Ages 3, the Film Advisory Board’s Award of Excellence plaque, in recognition of the talent and team that made this dynamic musical an outstanding theater event.