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The F-A-B at the V-S-D-A

Film Advisory Board's trek to the annual Video Software Dealers Association convention (July 29-31) proved to be a worthy trip. Held at the massive Venetian Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, the only headache about the convention which brought distributors and store owners together were the lines at the elevators. Once held on a convention floor with booths, the VSDA, over the past few years, has preferred to offer suites within the host hotel, thus the gridlock at the lifts. The exhibitors occupied the 32nd, 33rd and 34th floors of the high-end hotel and, while the elevator situation was a nightmare, the positive trade-off was the intimacy of the individual suites. Having been involved with distributors for over 28 years, FAB president Elayne Blythe met up with FAB Award Winners as well as rating system clients there. The marked difference between this year's convention and the last FAB attended in 2000 was that smaller distributors were scrambling (and struggling financially) to get their older video products converted to DVD. FAB has been a long-time supporter of the VSDA folks and is grateful to the executives and administration for the warm reception we received while there.