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Minority Report Rates 'A' For Absorbing

Futuristic Cop Tom Cruise heads the "precrime" division of the D.C. police department, which uses three young "precogs" who see murders before they happen. The culprits are arrested prior to their dastardly deeds, which prevents the murders. It seems an infallible system - until it "red-balls" him. Cruise's character, John, has thirty-six hours to prove his innocence while on the lam from his own police force and an FBI agent (the red-hot Aussie Collin Farrell) who wants his job. The film has a climax reminiscent of Harrison Ford's "The Fugitive", but the back story involving the disappearance of John's young son gives this futuristic thriller/adventure a substance missing from most. Masterful direction and vision from Steven Spielberg, of course. Parents take strong note of the PG-13 rating. This is not a "family friendly" movie.