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Is 'PG-13' Becoming The New 'R'?

I recently attended a press screening for the Harrison Ford-Josh Hartnett starrer Hollywood Homicide, MPAA-rated PG which, though very entertaining, was loaded with violence, strong language and mild sexual situations. While watching the film it dawned on me that ten years ago this level of content would've garnered an 'R' rating. I believe the first film to spark the need for a rating between the MPAA's 'PG' and 'R' was Raiders of the Lost Ark. That film contained violence that is mild compared to some of today's films and virtually nothing along the lines of language and sexual content. My my, how the boundaries have streched. As society becomes more desensitized, I imagine the 'R' will begin to resemble the dreaded 'NC-17' and the 'NC-17' will look more like the 24th letter of the alphabet. - Michele Williams