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FAB Rates films for Showtime and Trinity Home Ent.

FAB recently rated the films listed below with content descriptions for Showtime and Trinity Home Entertainment in record time at an affordable cost to distributors. With many more titles to follow, the Trinity Home Entertainment videos will be available in Wal-Mart stores soon. The titles are: Dancing in the Dark, Blood Brothers, Full Impact, 87th Pricinct Ice, Get Smart Again, High School USA, Web of Deception, Future War, Naked Lies, Capitol Punishment, Sparks, Blind Witness, Guinevere, Pocket Ninjas, Almost Perfect Bank Robbery, Ed McBains Heatwave, American Street Fighter, Babies, Night Owl, Evil in Clear River, Death Ride to Osaka, Storm and Sorrow, Bay Cove, Rehearsal for Murder, Man Against the Mob, A Father's Revenge, The Fighter, Miss All American Beauty, David's Mother, In The Eyes of A Stranger, Maid for Each Other, Whisper Kill, I Was A Teeneage Faust, Just A Dream, Snow In August and Due East.