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Film Advisory Board Monthly Is Back

Beginning with March 2003, the long-dormant FAB newsletter returns! It has been nearly twenty years since the last Film Advisory Board Monthly was published - and this one promises to be better - in the beginning available in print to FAB members and FAB clients and then on to local venues enroute to national distribution, both free and through subscription. The newsletter will eventually be distributed through email as well, but initially, during the expansion of the mailing list, plans are traditional. "We're starting simple."says editor Michele Williams,"we want to really bring the FAB membership back into the loop of things like it once was, offering the membership an opportunity to freely advertise their own events, actors showcases, etc., for other members to attend, voice their concerns in editorials, etc., while also promoting FAB-honored films,TV and audio products. Eventually, the newsletter will be open to businesses for advertising - but that's well down the road".