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AO Not Okay-O

FAB Rating System, the division of Film Advisory Board that has been supplying rating classifications to sell-thru titles for fifteen years, has modified the meaning of its AO/Adults Only Age 18 And Over rating. In its literature, the board was saying the AO rating was comparable to MPAA's NC-17 rating, but upon closer scrutinity of both the language of the category and the home video market, it was determined that any title labeled 'Adults Only-Age 18 And Over' would be interpreted as hardcore pornography, which was not the original intention of the AO rating. 'The AO rating was originally intended as a bridge between FAB's EM-Extremely Mature rating and the 'X' rating for pornography. It has now been determined that FAB's EM rating can be equivalent to either of the MPAA's R and NC-17 ratings dependent upon the severity of the content description accompanying the category.