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Say Good-bye To Ol' Shadowbox

FAB was recently informed by its Award of Excellence plaque supplier that the shadowbox design, a unique staple of the FAB Award for twenty years, is no more. It seems no one wants to make the wood shadowbox frames anymore."It was part of what made the look of our award special", said FAB prez, Elayne Blythe. "No one else had it. Producers and directors would order several additional ones for their actors and crew, it was so beautiful. The new plaque has a flatter frame design, which makes it more lightweight, but the other unique principles of my design remain. Recipients will still delight in the classic rotary engraving (hand-etched lettering) as most plaquemakers have gone to stamping. -- The thousands of you out there who've received our beautiful shadowbox plaque over the past twenty years - you've received a classic that hangs on walls everywhere from the Kennedy Center to the Palace at Monaco. -- Enjoy it."