Film Advisory Board

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Award of Excellence Guidelines
Award of Excellence

To submit entries, please send:
A sample of each product (prototypes are unacceptable) SAMPLES WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

  • Video entries must be on 1/2” cassette (VHS) or DVD.
  • CD-Rom entries must be either MAC or PC/MAC compatible.
  • Audio Entries may be on CD or cassette.

Fee Schedule:

PLEASE NOTE: Products that must be purchased separately must be entered Separately.


Cost per submission

1-5 $250/each (up to 45 minutes)
  $400/each (up to 60 minutes)

$700/each (up to 90 minutes)


$1,000/each (up to 120 minutes)

  $1,300/each (up to 150 minutes)
  $1,600/each (up to 180 minutes)
For a multi-item set sold as a unit:
1-4 items $250/each
  $400/each (up to 60 minutes)

$700/each (up to 90 minutes)


$1,000/each (up to 120 minutes)

  $1,300/each (up to 150 minutes)
  $1,600/each (up to 180 minutes)
5 or more Please call for current pricing.

Checks Must Accompany All Entries. Make checks payable to "Film Advisory Board".

Janet Stokes
Film Advisory Board, Inc.
263 West Olive Avenue, #377
Burbank, CA 91502
(323) 461-6541
(323) 469-8541

**Submissions Accepted Year-Round. No Deadline**

If your entry is chosen as an Award Winner and you wish to feature this on your entry, the following options are available to you:

  1. Product already on the market? Sleeve art already completed? No problem! FAB can provide beautiful red & gold “Award Winner” seals in two convenient sizes. Seals priced per roll of 1,000. Please call for details.

  2. Include the FAB Award in your marketing process early and save! FAB can provide camera-ready or PC file artwork to imprint on sleeve art and promotional flyers/ads, etc. A licensing fee is required. Please call for details.