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  Title Distributor
* About Us: The Dignity of Children - with Oprah Winfrey Steeplechase Entertainment Corp.
* Abraham Turner Home Entertainment
* Adventures In Oz With Cheryl Ozsome Enterprises
Adventures of Blinky Bill, The KIDMARK/TRIMARK HOLDINGS, INC.
* Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, The - 1999 Columbia Pictures
Adventures of JayJay the Jet Plane, The KIDQUEST
Adventures of Milo & Otis RCA/Columbia Home Video
* Agent Cody Banks MGM
* Alaska - 1996 Castle Rock/ Columbia
All Dogs Go To Heaven - (Animated 1989) Theatrical Release MGM/UA Home Video
* All I want For Christmas Paramount Pictures
Anabelle's Wish - 1997 - (Animated) Hallmark Home Entertainment
Andre - 1994 Theatrical Release Paramount Home Video
* Animal Antics: Summer Just For Kids Home Video / Celebrity Home Entertainment
Animated Hero Classics - (Animated Video) Nest Entertainment
Animated Stories From The Bible Nest Entertainment
Animated Stories From The Bible Nest Entertainment
* Baby Bach - 1997 The Baby Einstein Company
* Baby Einstein - 1997 The Baby Einstein Company
* Baby Genius Volume 1: Mozart and Friends Genius Products, Inc.
* Baby Genius Volume 2: Mozart and Friends: Sleepytime Genius Products, Inc.
* Baby In The Barnyard Terrafirma Productions
* Baby Mozart - 1997 The Baby Einstein Company
* Baby Shakespeare - 1997 The Baby Einstein Company
* Bad Bug Bee and the Pirate Ants - (Animated) 2000 Blackboard Entertainment
Barney A Day at the Beach - 1988 The Lyons Group
Barney Goes to School - 1990 The Lyons Group
Barney in Concert - 1990 The Lyons Group
Barney The Backyard Show - 1988 The Lyons Group
Barney the Dinosaur - 1990 The Lyons Group
Barney Three Wishes - 1988 The Lyons Group
Barney Waiting for Santa The Lyons Group
Barney's Campfire Sing-Along The Lyons Group
Barney's Magical Musical Mystery The Lyons Group
* Basic Cozy Punctuation Course, The Splashes From The River Multimedia Entertainment, Inc.
* Beauty And The Beast Walt Disney Pictures
* Beethoven Lives Upstairs The Children's Group
* Big Fat Liar Universal Pictures
Black Stallion, The - 1979 MGM/UA Home Video
Bug's Life, A - 1998 (Computer Animated) Walt Disney Pictures
Bundles of Joy SISU Home Entertainment, Inc.
Busy World of Richard Scarry - Abe and Babe's Christmas Lesson, The Showtime Networks
Captain Planet and the Planeteers Turner Home Entertainment
* Cathy Rigby Is Peter Pan NewVideo
* Cats Don't Dance - 1997 Warner Bros.
* CCC of America - Catholic-oriented animated videos CCC of America
Chicken Run Dreamworks Pictures
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - 1968 Theatrical Release MGM/UA Home Video
Christmas Box, The - 1997 Bonneville Worldwide Ent. / BWE Video
Christmas in Connecticut - 1992 Turner Home Entertainment
Christmas In Norway: A Timeless Tradition - (Live Action) Nordic Adventures
Christmas Story, A - 1983 MGM and Warner Bros. Home Video
* Clifford The Big Red Dog: Clifford Tries His Best Artisan Home Entertainment
Country Bears, The (2002) Walt Disney Pictures
Courage Mountain - 1989 RCA-Columbia Home Video
* Crocodile Hunter, The: Collision Course MGM
* Daddy Daycare Columbia Pictures
* Dog of Flanders, A - 1999 Warner Bros.
Dr. Seuss's My Many Colored Ways - Nutcracker: The Untold Story Minnesota Orchestra Visual Entertainment
Driving Miss Daisy
Duke, The International Keystone Entertainment, Inc.
* Durango Kids Lions Gate Films
* E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial - 20th Anniversary Re-Release Universal Pictures
* Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart Monterey Media
* Enchanted April Miramax Films
* Escape From Wildcat Canyon Showtime Entertainment
Flintstones Christmas Carol, A - 1994 (Animated) Turner Home Entertainment
* Four Seasons, The Genius Products, Inc.
* Free Willy Warner Bros.
* Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home Warner Bros.
Getting Even With Dad - 1994 Theatrical Release MGM/UA Home Video
* Giggle Together! The Make Baby Laugh Company
Hanna-Barbera presents - Casper's First Christmas - 1995 (Animated) Turner Home Entertainment
* Harriet The Spy - 1996 Paramount Pictures / a Rastar Production
* Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Warner Bros.
Heck's Way Home Showtime Networks
* Hey Arnold! The Movie Paramount Pictures
Homecoming Showtime Networks
Horse Whisperer, The Touchstone Pictures
* House Arrest - 1996 MGM/UA - Rysher Entertainment
* Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The - 1996 Walt Disney Pictures
I Have Roots and Branches MurLil Productions/adoptvideo
* Ice Age Twentieth Century Fox
In His Father's Shoes Showtime Networks
In the Presence of Mine Enemies Showtime Networks
Iron Giant, The - 1999 (Animated) Warner Bros.
* It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown (2000) Paramount Home Entertainment
* Jar, The: A Tale From The East Fine Media Group
* Jesus Trimark Home Video
* Jewel Kingdom - The Ruby Princess Runs Away Blackboard Entertainment
* Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Paramount Pictures
* Jingle All The Way - 1996 Twentieth Century Fox / Video
Jitter The Critter's Barnyard Adventure Truevision Productions - Jitter The Critter Productions
* Jonah - A Veggie Tales Movie
* Joseph Turner Home Entertainment
* Joseph: King Of Dreams Dreamworks Home Entertainment
* Joshua Epiphany Films/Artisan Entertainment, Distributor
Journey Through FairyLand, A Just For Kids Home Video / Celebrity Home Entertainment
* Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe (Animated) CCC of America
* Jungle Book 2, The Walt Disney Pictures
Jungle Book, The: Mowgli's Story - 1998 (Live Action) Walt Disney Video
* Kangaroo Jack Warner Bros.
* Kids Make Music Bogner Entertainment, Inc.
Kids Ten Commandments TLC Entertainment
King and I, The - 1999 (Animated) Warner Bros.
Lamb Chop's Chanukah - 1996 (Live Action) Young Heart Music
Lassie - 1994 Theatrical Release Paramount HomeVideo
* Left Behind Cloud Ten Pictures/Namesake Ent., LLC
* Legend of the Christmas Flower, The Kindervision
Legend of the Lost Tomb, The Showtime Networks
* Legend of the North Wind, The (animated feature length video) Plaza Entertainment
Les Miserables - The Phantom of the Opera (Animated) Celebrity / Just for Kids Video
* Life is Beautiful - 1998 Miramax Films
* Little Dogs On The Prairie: A Lotta Love And A Little Off The Top Artisan
* Little Dogs On The Prairie: Lyin', Cheatin' And A Hot Lollipop Artisan
* Little Dogs On The Prairie: Pride, Prejudice And Fudge Artisan
Little Rascals, The - 14 Volume Series Cabin Fever Entertainment, Inc.
* Little Stars - Baby's First Video Big Chief, Inc. - Tim Miller Entertainment
* Littlest Light On The Christmas Tree Abrams Gentile Entertainment Inc.
* Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Walt Disney Pictures
* Madeline - 1998 (Live Action)
* Magic Power Scouts Blue Giraffe Productions
* Magic Power Scouts
* Magic Power Scouts Blue Giraffe Productions
* Maisy's Colors & Shapes Universal Studios Home Video
* Maisy's Friends Universal Studios Home Video
Mandela and De Klerk Showtime Networks
* Marco Polo: Return to Xanadu (Animated) The Tooniversal Company
* Master Poets Collection, The - Edgar Allan Poe: A Journey In Verse Monterey Media Inc.
* Matilda - 1996 TriStar Pictures
* Mike Stribling's The Tale of Tillie's Dragon - 1999 Bridgestone Multimedia Group
* Mini Maestro: America The Beautiful The Little Fiddle Company, Inc.
* Miracle On 34th Street - 1994 Twentieth Century Fox
* Moldonado Miracle, The Showtime Networks, Inc.
* Moses Turner Home Entertainment
* Movie Critters' Big Picture Steven F. Zambo Productions, Inc.
* Mr. Music Showtime Networks
* Music of the Heart - 1999 Miramax Films
My Girl - 1991 Columbia-TriStar Home Video
My Neighbor Totoro - 1992 Release/Animated FoxVideo
National Geographic: GeoKids Series - Baby Ducks & Kooky Kookaburras Flying Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: GeoKids Series - Cool Cats Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: GeoKids Series - Raindrops & Things that Live In Holes Bear Cubs Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: GeoKids Series - Trying & Honking Around Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: Really Wild Animals Series - Amazing North America Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: Really Wild Animals Series - Swinging Safari Adventures in Asia Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: Really Wild Animals Series - Totally Tropical Rainforest Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: Really Wild Animals Series - Under Deep Sea Dive Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Geographic: Really Wild Animals Series - Wonders Down Under Columbia/Tristar Home Video
National Velvet - 1944 Theatrical Release MPAA-Rated G
New Zoo Revue, The - Fantasy / Stretching Blackboard Entertainment
New Zoo Revue, The - Promises / Hope Blackboard Entertainment
New Zoo Revue, The - Spring / The Sun Blackboard Entertainment
Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa - 1993 (Animated) CCC of America
* Nighty Night Peter Pan Entertainment
Once Upon A Forest Fox Video
* Other Side Of Heaven, The Excel Entertainment
Parent Trap, The- 1998 (Live Action) Walt Disney Pictures
Phil Baker: We Can Move Baker Street Records - Baker Street Home Video
* Piglet's Big Movie Walt Disney Pictures
* Pioneers 1900-1942, The The Greek Heritage Society of Southern California
* Pocket Snails Letter Adventure Soaring Star Productions
* Preacher's Wife, The Walt Disney Pictures
Prince of Egypt, The - Animated 1998 Dreamworks Pictures
Prince of Egypt, The - Animated 1998, Available in widescreen DVD Dreamworks Pictures
* Princess Diaries, The (2001) Walt Disney Pictures
* Race To Space Lions Gate Films
* Real Macaw, The Paramount Home Entertainment
* Red's Musical Misadventure Four Fish Fly Free
* Remember The Titans Walt Disney Pictures
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples Showtime Networks
* Road to Eldorado, The - 2000 (Animated) Dreamworks Pictures
Rock with Barney: Protect Our Earth The Lyons Group
* Roger Williams & Rhode Island - Colonial Life for Children Series Schlessinger Media/A Division of Library Video Company
* Rugrats Go Wild Paramount Pictures
* Rugrats in Paris - The Movie - 2000 (Animated) Paramount Pictures
* Rugrats Movie, The - 1998 Paramount Pictures
Running Wild Showtime Networks
* Salam And The Golden Queen (Animated) International Cartoons & Animation Center
Salam And The Knights of Virtue (Animated) International Cartoons & Animation Center Publicom Group / Worldwide Distribution
Salt Water Moose Showtime Networks
* Santa Clause 2, The Disney
* Scrooge - 1970 Twentieth Century Fox Video
Secret of N.I.M.H, The - Animated 1982 Theatrical Release MGM/UA Home Video
Selena - 1997 Warner Bros.
* Shrek Dreamworks Pictures
* Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Dreamworks Pictures
* So Smart! Volume 1 The Baby School Company
* Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Dreamworks SKG
* Stuart Little - 1999 Columbia Pictures
* Stuart Little 2 (2002) Columbia Pictures
Summer Of The Monkeys - 1998 (Live Action) Walt Disney Video
* Summer's End Showtime Entertainment
* Swan Princess, The Turner Home Entertainment
* Sweetest Gift, The Showtime Networks
* Tarzan - 1999 (Animated) Walt Disney Pictures
Three Little Pigs, The Toddler Tales
Tiger Woods Story, The Showtime Networks
* Tigger Movie, The - 2000 (Animated)
Time at the Top Showtime Networks
* Toy Castle, The Sound Venture International
* Toy Story 2 - 1999 (Animated) Pixar Animation - Walt Disney Pictures
True Heart - (Live Action) Orion Home Video
* Trumpet Of The Swan, The Tristar Video
* Veggie Tales: Lyle, The Kindly Viking Big Idea Productions
* Video Soup: Nature Babies Munchkin, Inc.
* Video Soup: Mozart Nature Symphonies Munchkin, Inc.
* Voices Perspectives on HIV AIDS The Educational Multimedia Company
Wai Lana's Little Yogis Wai Lana Productions
* What A Girl Wants Warner Bros
William Bradford: The First Thanksgiving - (Animated Video) Nest Entertainment
Yogi the Easter Bear Hanna-Barbera/Turner Home Entertainment
* You've Got Mail - 1998 Warner Bros.

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