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The 3 Little Pigs (2007)

Come share a day in the life of the imaginative Busy Bee Dogs: Princess Sydney, Rio The Clown, Clever Chiquita and Super Speedy Slyder as they spin their version of a classic fairytale, ""The 3 Little Pigs"". Join the dogs as the excitement builds for the final scene...What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf finally meets the 3 Little Pigs?
Busy Bee Dog Productions
30 minutes


"Imaginative! Adapting this beloved fable, portraying dogs in this role is intriguing, as is the 'Hickory Hickory Dock' sequence. The dogs and kids dance routines set amidst cosmic wonder is captivating. The educational value is powerful. Wow, what magic!"

Janet Stokes
Film Advisory Board, Inc.

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