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Fun With Dance (2005)

Host puppets Hippie and Oscarita introduce the joy of movement as they travel the globe. The animated and live-action dance segments feature various animals - from penguins waddling to birds flying - inspiring kids to join in and move like the animals. The DVD also includes dance forms from around the world, such as African dance and a South American tango. Feet puppets demonstrate various dance styles, including tap, jazz and ballet. This is a fun way to expose toddlers to movement in new and exploratory ways that promote creative learning.
Kiddie Village
30 minutes
0 - 5


"'Fun With Dance' is a joyful video that will inspire the very young and mature express themselves through dance. This delightful educational tribute to dance, for all ages, is a video one will enjoy time and time again."

Janet Stokes
Film Advisory Board, Inc.

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