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Flumpa's World - Water, Water Everywhere (2004)

All our worlds water habitats as well as the understanding of the water cycle, properties of water and molecules are addressed in these songs that teach. Follow a little drop of water from our inland water ways to the vast oceans, become a pirate and sail the Seven Seas or climb on board a three masted ship and become and adventurer of the high seas in Horizons Unknown. Take a dive into the deepest waters of the Mariana Trench and marvel at the wonders that lie beneath in F.I.S.H (Fun Ideas Start Here) and the Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) will come to life in Friends of the Seas. Hop right over, take a leap into - Flumpa(R)'s Splash Zone!
Ion Imagination Ent.


"Wendy Whitten's musical approach to learning and enjoying science is definitely a winner. It captures children's attention. Grownups will find this CD intriguing."

Janet Stokes
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