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Bionicle 2 - Legends of Metru Nui (2004)

Experience the awesome action-packed adventure in BIONICLE 2: LEGENDS OF METRU NUI, the all-new, full-length CGI-animated movie that goes deeper into the legendary world of BIONICLE! When mysterious dark forces threaten the glorious city of Metru Nui, Toa Lhikan gives six Matoran the tools and responsibilities of new Toa. These guardians must quickly master their new powers, demonstrate their worth to their honorable leader Turaga Dume, retrieve the hidden Great Kanoka Disks, and rescue the inhabitants of their island city! Will they succeed before time runs out, or will darkness prevail? BIONICLE 2: LEGENDS OF METRU NUI features new allies and new adversaries -- including ruthless Vahki Enforcers and mysterious Dark Hunters! Experience the nonstop action and adventure as Vakama and his five courageous companions set out to prove they are heroes worthy of their own legends!
Lego/Miramax Home Ent.
75 minutes


"A time before time when robots were determined to rule the glorious island city of Metru Nu, courageous heroes, given new powers imbued with morals, values and faith saved their world. This adventurous saga is dynamic. It teaches children values."

Janet Stokes
Film Advisory Board, Inc.

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