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Music of the Heart - 1999

The true story of Roberta Guaspari, who, in teaching the children of East Harlem to play the violin, also taught them they could accomplish anything in life they set their minds to. FAB also recommends the documentary, Fiddlefest. The filming of it is dramatized in the movie, and it was also voted the FAB award.
Miramax Films


One of the most outstanding family films ever produced, with a great performance by Meryl Streep! Moving and inspiring, Music of the Heart lives up to its name! Truly a film everyone can enjoy! This film should be available to all schools and libraries across the country. More and more, we are seeing music and art programs erased from schools, this film will inspire the powers-that-be to keep these programs!

Elayne Blythe
Film Advisory Board, Inc.