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Matilda - 1996

The classic story of an extraordinary girl of high intelligence possessing telekinetic powers, and her eccentric, stupid, selfish-minded parents, is told at a fun and feverish pace by director and star Danny DeVito. DeVito and real-life wife Rhea Perlman star as the parents, and the lovely Mara Wilson is wonderful in the title role. (Mara was presented FAB's "Most Promising Young Newcomer" Award of Excellence in 1995 for her performance in the remake of "Miracle on 34 th Street"). MPAA-Rated PG.
TriStar Pictures


The comedy of the year for all ages! Adults laugh as much if not more than the kids! The Sleeper of the Year! Matilda's interest in the library and books is a fine example for kids to follow - encouraging them to rediscover their imaginations through reading.

Elayne Blythe
Film Advisory Board, Inc.