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Alaska - 1996

Faced with possibly losing his father whose plane has gone done in a remote Alaskan mountain range just months after his mother's death, a hardened, cynical fifteen year old boy learns the importance of family and perseverance when he sets out with his younger sister to rescue his father in the Alaskan wilderness. It is a race against time as his father's plane teeters dangerously on the edge of a cliff, the boy's determination is underscored by the heated confrontation he had with his pilot father just before the father set out to fly supplies to a remote location, during which he told his father, "I wish it had been you who dies" rather than his mother - a remark he both regrets and wants to make right with the father he truly loves. The siblings rescue an adorable polar bear cub from a heartless poacher (Charlton Heston) and the bear joins them on their harrowing search for their father. Thora Birch ("Now and Then", "Patriot Games") stars as the sister. Vincent Kartheiser ("Indian in the Cupboard") is the boy. MPAA-Rated PG.
Castle Rock/ Columbia


Gorgeous Alaskan Scenery, outstanding acting - including Cubby the polar bear- accented by a beautiful score, make this an award winning family adventure.

Elayne Blythe
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