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FAB Rating System


The Film Advisory Board (FAB) "Award Of Excellence" encompasses a wide range of quality family-oriented entertainment and educational products for all members of the family.

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To qualify for the prestigious FAB "Award of Excellence", products must meet specific criteria.

Award Logo ImageOur "Award Winner" seal is recognized worldwide as identifying entertainment products suitable for viewing and use by families and children. Look for it when purchasing your entertainment products.

FAB's Review Committee reviews and votes year round to select films for this sought after award. In cases where products are targeted specifically for children, a child panel is used in conjunction with the adult panel.

Award Requirements
All Awarded Products Must Meet These Requirements

  • Stimulate Imagination
  • Raise Awareness
  • Be Created in Good Taste
  • Justly Represent Its Subject Matter
  • Be Safe Where Applicable
  • Encourage Positiveness and Ambition
  • Be Attractive and Entertaining
Products Must Not Contain
  • Gratuitous, Profane Language
  • Gratuitous Violence (Self-help products that use actual footage of violence as a commentary, as in a documentary made to deter violent behavior, are exempt.)
  • Strong Sexual Content and Gratuitous Nudity Related to Sex and Titillation

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