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Award of Excellence sealFilm Advisory Board, Inc. was founded in 1975 by Elayne Blythe, President. The Film Advisory Board's (FAB) "Award of Excellence" is dedicated to awarding and promoting quality family-oriented and children's entertainment in all areas, including film, video, TV, CD-Rom, books and music.

The Film Advisory Board "Award of Excellence" seal is recognized worldwide, and featured in advertising and packaging for entertainment products suitable for viewing and use by families and children.

Members of the FAB Award of Excellence Review Committee attend screenings for all major motion picture studio releases. We review "R" rated releases, however these films are not considered for the Award of Excellence as "R" rated titles are generally not suitable for the entire family. Products receiving the Award of Excellence are family-oriented.

Meet the people of Film Advisory Board, Inc.

The second division of Film Advisory Board, FAB Rating System, was formed in 1988 at the request of independent video producers as a more informative and less costly alternative to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating system (G,PG,PG-13,R,NC-17), which, until recently, did not augment its rating categories with content descriptions.

It has always been FAB's belief that consumers should go into a movie theater aware of what they are about to see and hear -- and that the same should apply to home video releases.

The FAB Rating System does not censor, we inform.

The FAB's Rating System evaluates and categorizes films and videos based on their level of maturity. Unlike the MPAA, we carry an AO, or Adults Only category. If there are components of gratuitous violence, sex, nudity, substance abuse, etc., the FAB Rating System so advises, so you can make an informed choice in selecting entertainment for purchase or rental.


FAB is membership supported, with members of all ages and all professions. The membership also contains a young adult group, and an actors group. If you're interested in learning more about membership, please contact us.